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Chain decrypt: one end of the chain is in contact with the clamp body connection end

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The chain of transmission and centralized heating mechanism of plastic blowing machine, chain and chain drive mechanism includes a plurality of gear, there are a 
The chain of transmission and centralized heating mechanism of plastic blowing machine, chain and chain drive mechanism includes a plurality of gear, there are a number of fixed block assembly chain on the chain, which includes chain block, the top of each segment are equipped with fixed bottle heating seat blank, chain drive mechanism further comprises a plurality of groups reversing disk assembly, the chain assembly around reversing disks reversing angle is 90 ° or 180 °, wherein 180 ° reversal chain formed parallel to each other in two rows reverse chain.
    Chain clamp, including the clamp body and chain, one end of the chain is connected to the end in contact with the clamp body, and the other end is a free end, the clamp body and the chain or between the clamp body and provided with at least one chain used to fixing a chain or restricted Located magnetic clamp body adsorbent, the adsorbent used to reduce or eliminate the free end of the chain swing invalid. The magnetic adsorbent may be provided in the free end to end at the end of the chain. More direct to stabilize the excess tie clip needed.
    Stereotypes of separate chain plate, the main structure with a chain bearing seat, two chain body, a chain cover, a needle board seat with the lock nut set is made by both sides of the body of the chain sprocket engagement of column tip sleeves together in chain bearing branches on both sides of the seat post, and the upper end piece of the chain body protruding branches bushings one separate horseshoe chain cover, corresponding to the chain by a perforated cover both sides of the needle plate seat close on stilts, each with a nut lock is set to one, whereby the chain cover NOTE sump.